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Web Design For Ecommerce Businesses

Our e-commerce portfolio ranges from companies with hundreds of thousands of products to enthusiast bookshops. We’ve helped them develop e-commerce integrations, increase organic traffic, double the conversion rates, and more.

Since the revamping of the website, we experienced a 50% increase in sales.
Robin, at

Ecommerce Website Examples And Case Studies

Our portfolio includes examples of ecommerce websites in all shapes and forms. Working with our clients allowed us to get a number of ecommerce UX case studies, successful conversion rate optimisation experiments, and more. Learn how we’ve helped our clients more than double their sales.

A store for a transport book publisher optimised for search engines

The publishing branch of Transport Treasury approached us when they needed a new website. Our team helped them get off the ground by selling directly to customers. After designing and developing the website, we’ve suggested a number of campaigns to generate more traffic and revenue. Their organic traffic almost doubled in just six months, and we’ve seen a constant improvement of sales.

Modernisation of a leading British transport history archive

Transport Treasury is home to over 500,000 negatives and transparencies. Their catalogue immortalises rail and road transport history. The images date back to the 19th century. With such an ever-growing collection, the company needed an eCommerce hub where customers could swiftly browse the archive and make purchases. Learn how we’ve built an e-commerce website with 129,000+ products for Transport Treasury.

Customer-Centric Ecommerce Web Design

We are unlike any ecommerce web design company you’ve worked with. Our unique process starts with the Design Sprint workshops which were invented at Google Ventures.

The result is a user-tested prototype and feedback about your business from the target audience.

We pair Design Sprints with agile web development to give you more flexibility and control over the project.

You get to talk to us and review the progress every week.

Our team is focused on you and only you, so it’s easy to shift priorities – we never lock you into fixed scope.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development Enquiries

If you’d like to work with our agile web design agency, our next step would be a 15-minute introduction call with our founder, Tomasz.

During the call, you’ll discover how we work, what kind of commitment is required from your team, and more.

It’s a lovely and casual chat to get to know you better before we become part of your herd.