110.54% Increase in PPC Conversion Rate and 42.30% More Overall Conversions for a Translation Services Website

Absolute Translations have approached us in 2018 with an underperforming website, citing outdated designs and bad performance as the main pain points. We have verified their concerns and identified other bottlenecks with a comprehensive website audit. The audit was a foundation for a complete website redesign, including content creation, development and post-launch optimisation to ensure we have improved the performance and increased the conversion rate.

Strategic goals

Absolute Translations’ website was already a few years old and was using outdated practices for SEO, design and web development. The biggest pain points we had to address were:

  • Website performance – the site took too long to load, putting off many visitors immediately and increasing the costs of PPC campaigns with the latter scaling exponentially, as only 20.5% of the traffic was organic at the time
  • Issues with responsiveness – 60% of the visitors used mobile devices, yet the website was often broken on smartphones and tablets
  • Design, iconography and imagery – the outdated layout wasn’t optimised for conversions and didn’t look professional; the new website had to cater to both personal and business clients
  • Content & its hierarchy – the good copy suffered from the sheer amount of text and its wrong placement and formatting

Project deliverables

  1. Website audit
    Our analytic tools allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the issues with the website. We have used these insights to build user personas, optimise the content and to design for the target audience.
  2. Competition analysis
    We have analysed the websites of direct competitors to see how our target audience rates them, learn about their digital marketing approach and to identify the areas where a new website can gain the edge over the competition.
  3. Content creation
    We have written 265 pages of search engine optimised content and metadata based on the findings from our extensive research & strategy phase. The process included keyword research, polishing the existing copy, writing brand-new SEO optimised content and compelling metadata. This helped the website rank higher and improve the click-through rate on Google, increasing the organic traffic by nearly 10%.
  4. Bespoke design
    Combining the insights from previous stages allowed us to design a modern, functional website optimised for conversions. Rather than intuitively using “best practices”, we have made data-driven decisions to ensure our designs work for Absolute Translations and their customers.
  5. Web development
    The new website was 23% faster from the get-go. We have utilised optimised image loading techniques, compression of assets and performance-focused coding.
  6. Post-launch optimisation
    We have ironed out any remaining issues during two months of optimisation. During this time, we have delivered two performance reports to the client, covering aspects such as performance, conversion rate, organic traffic, and more. With additional optimisation of assets, the website loaded 37.91% faster and became one of the fastest ones among the direct competitors on all devices, outperforming even industry leaders such as Gengo.

What we fixed


faster load times


overall conversion rate


paid traffic conversion rate

Our new designs revamped the user journey on the website. We’ve optimised or eliminated underperforming funnels, fine-tuned order of labels in the navigation bar, and more. Below you’ll find an example of the old “Languages” mega-menu drop-down, which was so large it was being cut off on smaller resolutions.

A poor, unresponsive website navigation

The dropdown didn't fit the screen of many devices, making it impossible to access some popular languages.
The dropdown didn’t fit the screen of many devices, making it impossible to access some popular languages.

The navigation included a lot of unnecessary content, appending “translation services” to each language. This was an old SEO practice of including the full keyword in the hyperlink text. It made for poor user experience, making it unnecessarily hard to find a specific language and it was obsolete by the time Absolute Translations have contacted us.

The navigation bar lacked the responsiveness on many lower resolutions, breaking into two lines instead of transitioning to a mobile menu view. Additionally, we’ve identified in Google Analytics that many of the language pages in navigation are rarely ever visited, which begged the question of whether they were mandatory in the menu.

Our solution

We’ve suggested a compact dropdown which only used the languages that are popular enough to justify putting them in high-level navigation.

Our compact solution improved the legibility and responsiveness of the navigation.

A slow, defective quote form

The key element of the website used poor labelling and its performance was disappointing, especially on mobile devices where it occasionally took as much as 20 seconds to load a dropdown.

The old quote form.

Our solution

We’ve tackled the issues with a user-friendly design, using actionable labels and a search box in the dropdowns, which allowed visitors to quickly find a specific language among over 100 entires. To ensure visitors always have a call-to-action visible, the quote form was designed to “stick” to the top as visitors scroll.

Redesigned quote form.
Quote form in the “sticky” state.

An unresponsive and bland Contact page

When observing anonymous session recordings we’ve noticed that one of the key pages, the Contact Us page, had a broken layout on many tablets and desktop devices. The issue illustrated below made it hard for visitors to find the information they need. On top of that, the Head Office didn’t stand out from other offices, making an important element indistinguishable from secondary ones.

A smaller screen resolution caused a displacement of the “Manchester” and “France” labels.

Our solution

Our new design made the Head Office more prominent. We’ve made each address more informative by including a map preview, with each map linking to the corresponding address on Google Maps. Adding a hyperlink to the phone number and email allowed visitors to contact the company with a single click, rather than having to use manual input.

A redesigned section of the Contact page.

The result – more than doubled PPC conversion rate

With a website optimised for performance and conversions, additional consultations to reduce PPC waste spend, and increased organic traffic, we’ve managed to:

  • increase overall conversion rate
  • increase the conversion rate from paid advertising
  • diversify the traffic

If you’re looking to increase your conversions across the board and optimise the cost-per-conversion of your PPC campaigns, get in touch with our experts to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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