Engaging Art Website for Ingrid Petersen

When designing for the creative industry, fine margins decide what is in good taste and what disrupts the immersive experience. Nerd Cow has helped Ingrid Petersen find the perfect home for her art, delivering a modern, informative website without stealing the spotlight from the pieces.

Strategic Goals

Ingrid approached us with a need for a state-of-the-art website that would replace her plain Adobe Portfolio site. The main challenge was catering to Ingrid’s distinctive audience consisting mostly of:

  • graduates, individuals who connect with her on an emotional level,
  • collectors and businessmen interested in enquiring for her work or organising art exhibitions.

We have identified that striking the perfect balance between the two required showcasing the pieces on the digital canvas without overshadowing them with features. Our approach was to give the visitors a glimpse into Ingrid’s life and values while letting the art tell most of the story, simulating a gallery-like experience.

Project Deliverables

  • research & discovery – We have performed a comprehensive website prospect analysis to discover the best solutions within Ingrid’s niche. We have analysed her target audience and competition to ensure her site stands out from the crowd and takes the visitors on a seamless, pleasant journey.
  • content creation – Writing the website copy for clients as creative as Ingrid is incredibly challenging, but also the most rewarding. We have worked together to establish a close, personal connection between the artist and the visitor. Nerd Cow created the core content for Ingrid; giving her detailed content guidelines and copy editing the intimate Biography and About pages.
  • user experience, user interface & web design – Our creative team has meticulously put the discoveries from initial analysis process to life by crafting optimised user journeys, a friendly interface and website design worthy of fine art.
  • website development – Using the best modern practices, we have developed a fast, responsive website. Our mobile-first approach ensured smooth experience across all devices and impeccable page speed.


Designing the canvas for Ingrid’s art

We have put the spotlight on Ingrid’s pieces by using their variations across the key elements of the website. A clean layout with plenty of whitespace, great contrast and no distractions helps the visitor focus on the most important elements – the art and its story.

Header section on Ingrid’s Home page.

The visitor is greeted by a short slider which immediately exposes them to Ingrid’s art. A clean user interface and a sophisticated font immediately set the tone for the journey ahead.

One of the sections on the Home page.

Subtle accents like the paint smudge and the dash in secondary headings make the website stand out from plain designs. They came to life thanks to our mobile-first approach, breathing new life into the appearance of the Home page on mobile devices.

Mobile view of the Home page.

Spotlight on the art

Our goal of showcasing Ingrid’s art required a unique approach. We have incorporated it into the user interface but also created primary and secondary Call-To-Action elements throughout the website – in the header and under each piece respectively.

Navigation on Ingrid’s website.

The simple navigation using a “burger” icon in the top right corner (which then animates into an “x” when opened) gives the visitor an opportunity to learn more about Ingrid while keeping the Gallery page as the main destination.

Mobile-first approach

Our mobile-first approach helped isolate not only fantastic design choices like the brush smudges but also feature choices for smart device users. An implementation of a slide-in image with a small preview on the Home page helped us build a mobile website that does not take long to scroll and showcases Ingrid’s art in a unique way, rather than displaying a “lonely” image between paragraphs.

Image previews pop-out on interaction on mobile devices to show the full painting to the visitor.

Compact art pages with smart enquiries

Using the best practices we were able to include high-quality photographs of Ingrid’s art, allowing the visitors to see almost every stroke of the brush without overwhelming the display and slowing down the site.

“Sticky” painting details are easily accessible at all times.

We have kept the distractions to the minimum, only including a brief summary next to each piece, which is visible at all times when scrolling on desktop devices. The page of each painting ends with a smart enquiry button – when pressed, the visitor is directed to the Contact page with a pre-filled message which can be completed accordingly.

The beginning of your message is pre-filled if you’re enquiring about an artwork.

Optimised content

While the website focuses on the art throughout most pages, the About and Biography pages were just as important and demanding. We had to ensure Ingrid’s captivating story is easy to digest and navigate.

The navigation on the right-hand side displays the heading of the current paragraph even when it’s not visible on the screen anymore.

Ingrid did a brilliant job describing her journey through life and we have polished the raw copy to fit the web writing standards. The addition of headings allowed us to make it easier to follow and to incorporate a feature that tracks your progress on all devices. On top of that, the module displays the title of the current heading on desktop devices to remind readers about the context of the current paragraphs.

Results and reception

The website got an overwhelmingly positive reception and has been frequently dubbed as “beautiful”. By designing an engaging and intuitive layout, we have achieved great results among several metrics. Organic visitors rarely leave Ingrid’s website without interaction, visiting 3.58 pages per sessions on average and rarely exiting from key pages.


average page load time,
despite high-quality imagery


unique page views
per session


exit rate on
the Gallery page

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