The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Google considers over 200 variables when ranking your site. While keywords are still one of them, you don’t have to get all 200 right to rank high. The quality of your content is now more important than ever.

Create people-centric content

“Keyword density, in general, is something I wouldn’t focus on. Search engines have kind of moved on from there.” 

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

While this seems obvious at first, many people don’t know just how important it is for your content to be user-friendly. The design might attract the visitors, but it’s your content that converts them into clients. If your visitors find what they were looking for on your site, they will stay. And Google loves that.

Let’s make up a query – “why do cats love pancakes”. Imagine site A ranks #1 for that query and your site climbed to #2. If more people find an answer to their query on your site compared to site A, you will inevitably take their spot at the top of Google. Even if your keyword density is lower (or higher) than the magical value you’ve found in an online guide.

Competition is just a few clicks away, unlike in the real world. Write for the person, not search engines. Choose a tone appealing to your audience. Keep it simple and use wording understandable for your visitors.

Make the content legible for your audience – consider if they might need a bigger line spacing or a slightly bigger font. Make it all about the visitor. If they will love your website, so will Google.

Content-first approach

Working on the content before the design helps the web agency understand your business. Not only does it result in a better design of your website, but also eliminates unnecessary delays and additional costs when creating content right before launch.

Both of these things boil down to your site being more functional and in-line with your business’ goals, ultimately resulting in a higher return on investment.

Engaging content never goes out of style

In the online world, even the greatest traditional copy will quickly become dull. When browsing the Internet, our attention span and expectations are a bit different. That’s why your content needs to be engaging.

Including links, appealing imagery, animations and videos will liven up your business website content. Be mindful your content needs to be unique and easily digestible. Keep your paragraphs short and make your writing dynamic by using different sentence length.

All of the above will keep your visitors interested in the content of your website, thus extending their session duration on your website.

Tips for writing business website content

Originally published Nov 29, 2018 8:58:26 AM, updated January 12 2022.

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