We have been subjected to deliver many web projects, which helped us to develop a unique website building process. Our Web Process ensures not only maximum efficiency but also precision and cost-effectiveness. We follow the process because we believe it is the most genuine approach to website development.

Strategy & Analysis

It is imperative to our team to have a clear picture of the project. This stage implements a few phases which enable us to ask relevant questions and formulate an action plan. Furthermore, we will use the findings to lay the groundwork for the upcoming milestones, and as the result, for the new website.


Content Creation

We believe in the content-first approach. It is the content that tells the best story about your business and establishes an emotional connection with your visitors. That is why, after we scrutinise your current situation, our content strategist will start working on the structure and message of your new website.


UX & Design

We aspire to build websites which work to our client’s benefit. The worst enemy in every web project is a frustrating user experience and unintutive web design. Therefore, using the findings from previous stages, we carefully plan the pages layout, the navigation and user journey down the conversion funnel to persuade the traffic to take desired actions.



Our web developers will code your website from scratch using the latest web development practices. On the contrary to other web agencies, we always keep our clients in the loop as much as possible. We send regular updates to communicate the work progress and ask for feedback.


Ongoing Optimisation

Our websites are designed to provide long-term results. Analytics tell you what your visitors are doing over time so that we can optimize content to yield higher conversions.

  • Requirements Identification

    We learn more about your business' goals, ecosystem and concerns.

  • User Analysis

    We analyse your targeted audience, and their behaviours, habits, preferences and desires.

  • Website Audit

    We drill down your existing website to see what is working and what is not to avoid making the same mistakes.

  • SEO Strategy

    We use advanced SEO tools to analyse your existing situation and build a new strategy to drive customers to your new website.

  • Sitemap

    We build a data-driven website's page structure which lays down the foundation for user journey and success of the project.

  • Copywriting

    Content tells the best story. Therefore, we write human-friendly and SEO-optimised copy for your website.

  • Visual Assets

    We carefully pick appealing images, videos and iconography to accompany and enrich the text.

  • Wireframing

    We prepare black-and-white sketches to create possible page layouts and plan for user experience.

  • User Experience

    We iterate through the wireframes to eliminate any frustrations and difficulties that users may face.

  • Visualisation

    We apply an aesthetically-pleasing web design layer on top of the website skeleton and finalise the designing phase.

  • Components Development

    We use the agile development method and code website's components one by one to assure integrity and scope compliance.

  • Testing

    We constantly iterate through each component to deliver the safest and error-free code.

  • Deployment

    We configure your domain and launch the website in line with the schedule.

  • Review

    We review the website's results post-launch and highlight any areas where we think tweaks are necessary.

  • Tweaks

    We implement the tweaks to improve on the user experience and increase the conversion rate.

  • Analysis

    We keep a close eye on the changes to make sure they made the impact we anticipated, and repeat the process to perfect the website further.

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