I’m looking for a complete website project: design and development.

If you are just looking for coding, Nerd Cow probably isn’t a fit. We specialise in the full life-cycle project. That means planning, designing and building a new site from A to Z It’s the best way we know to get the best possible outcome.

My budget is aligned with my expectations.

There are many companies that are capable of building websites quickly for budgets in the £1000 range (or less). But our approach is more custom to you and your customers.

The result is a website platform for web marketing, designed specifically for clients who have higher expectations for results. Given that our process is robust and critical to the success of our projects, the custom responsive marketing sites have budgets starting around £5,000 and ranging up to five figures.

I’m looking for a long-term partner.

Nerd Cow is staffed and structured to provide ongoing technical support, marketing advice, and Analytics reviews. While some web companies might launch a site and then part ways, Nerd Cow prefers to remain available to ensure that long-term expectations are met.

Are we a good fit? It all starts with a simple