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As an agile web design agency, we know that designing a website is hard work. Especially one that makes all the difference between success and failure. We are here to make it easy, worthwhile and special – for your organisation and your customers. Browse around to learn how our boutique web design agency helps businesses use the web to maximise their potential.

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Our founder
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What we help with

Our web design services

We specialise in building successful websites for businesses ready to take their game to the next level. We provide comprehensive web design services that focus on your organisation, your customers, you, and only you. Whether you are looking to unlock new opportunities for your business, squeeze the most out of your existing solution or find a more efficient and effective way forward, we have got you covered.

Agile Web Design

Agile web design efficiently solves big web design problems, challenges preconceptions, and enhances your web presence. We’ve reinvented the approach used by Google to fit your needs. The outcome is a user-tested website prototype that works for your audience.

Agile Web Development

Agile web development is about planning early, continual improvement, flexible response to change, and constant communications. No endless back and forwards, no nasty surprises. Here, we focus only on you and deliver a validated website at a running pace.

Our websites come with the best SEO, GDPR and accessibility standards baked in!

Some of our favourite projects

We had the pleasure to work with fantastic, forward-thinking companies in London, the rest of the UK, and overseas. Here’s a collection of great projects. Make sure you check out all of our projects.

New look for a german-based start-up who makes soil better

Fantastic!!! Thank you.
Andre, CEO at Novihum Technologies

User Tested Website For Pioneers In Transport & Logistics Software

We doubled leads generated in the first month!
Luciana, Head of Marketing at Transport Exchange Group

Conversion Optimised Site For The World’s Largest Directory Of Preclinical Cancer Models

I really liked design workshops.
Justyna, Chief of Staff at Repositive
More than meets the eye

We contribute to your business on so many levels. You’ve got no idea.

We are more than your next-door web design agency. We become a part of your herd and continue bringing value daily. We learned the hard way what it means to choose the right partner in business – an agency in particular. For that reason, we believe it’s our responsibility to keep making you fall in love with us all the time. 😊

We care about you

We get things done in a timely and professional manner, helping you with work/life balance.

We provide clear directions

We help you steer the business in the right direction around the clock.

We make you smarter

We share our knowledge with your team to become better website owners.

We simplify your life

Our efficiency saves you time and eliminates overheads.

We work better for you

We focus on the performance, ROI, and quality of our websites.

We are constantly in touch

We are very unusual in our field. That includes the way we communicate.

Our mission

Building a better Web. One site at a time. (Yours.)

We are an ambitious boutique web design agency that aims to build a better Web for everyone, and for our planet. We want to prove that the design and the accessibility go together, and greatly benefit the organisation and the end-user.

Our story

Our story goes back to 2015 when Tomasz Lisiecki, the founder of our company, noticed the lack of progress in the web design industry.


Our goal is to make the Internet a better place for everyone, including our planet. We’ve started numerous initiatives that aid us on the mission.

What makes us different

There are several important differences between us and other agencies, and you will love them all

We’re a breath of fresh air in the web design agency industry that hasn’t seen any innovation in many years. With the Web focusing more on the customer experience, the traditional web designing methodology lacks the oomph. We offer a unique, forward-thinking, and collaborative way to design websites that solve business problems and challenge preconceptions. Our website quickly becomes an irreplaceable asset for your company.

We Focus On You, and Only You

You will be the only client we work for at any time. We mean it. It sounds crazy, but this is what the focus is about.

We Become Part Of Your Herd

We are with you, and not with anyone else. You have NerdCow amongst you for a while, which is wonderful. 👌

We Constantly Communicate

Forget losing touch with your agency. We use Basecamp to post updates regularly and meet with you weekly.

We set a small package of time daily to deal with maintenance requests from existing clients.

Our web design process that focuses on you

Our aim has always been to make the cost as much of a non-issue by delivering value in the agile spirit.

The end result is a unique web experience created to meet the demands of your organisation and the expectations of your customers. Enhanced performance, usability, and accessibility are all baked in. Ahead of time and budget!

Each web design project has two stages. Read more about them below.

Picking an agency?

Seriously, picking an agency is hard. We know. It’s a long-term commitment, so you have to make sure you find the best fit for your team and organisation.

If you already have someone in mind, go talk to these guys. Talk to ten other agencies. Talk to us, too. Meet their people, and see what they’re all about.

We’re a fun bunch. Our approach to web design is fresh. You just might like it. If not, at least you will have learned something new 😊

When you are ready…

You might already have some questions…

How long does it take to design a website with you?

It depends. In the agile spirit of working, the client decides when the website is good enough to launch. Our team keeps working for as long as the client sees the value in continuing the engagement. In the past, we delivered websites in as little as three weeks. On the other hand, we took ten weeks to build an e-commerce website from the ground up. Read more about our process here or the agile approach here.

We have already designed a new website with someone else. Can you code it for us?

Not really. The reason being is that we focus on delivering as much value through your doorstep as possible. Our unique and rigid process ensures we keep that promise. If we inherit the designs from a third party, we have no way of knowing if the proposed web design will be accepted by the market, if it meets all web accessibility criteria, or if it meets all common design principles, and so on. All of that, and more, is baked into our process.

Where are you based?

Our office is near Spitalfields in London, UK. We love being within the same four walls that are constantly buzzing with creative ideas. However, most of our projects happen in a remote setting as that’s our clients’ preference. Some of the businesses that we work with are distributed teams, so it would be virtually impossible to get everyone in the same room for web design workshops.

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