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An e-commerce store with 129,000 products and growing at an incredible rate is a challenge on its own. In the case of Transport Treasury, there was one more caveat. The website caters to an older audience – 74% of the visitors are in the 45+ age group.

This posed a unique challenge. Our team had to design and develop a website that worked for that audience. Considering a slower adoption rate of fast broadband across that age group, we’ve put extra emphasis on performance.

When they redid our website this year, we’ve gone up about 40 to 50% business-wise. All of that went swimmingly, and both were good experiences, and we had no complaints at all.
Robin, Director at Transport Treasury Publishing



higher click-through rate in Google


Google Speed Index score


01. Designed for the target audience

02. Capitalising on search intent

03. Superb performance


Designed for the target audience

A catalogue theme

Transport Treasury is as much of a catalogue as it is a shop. This gave us an idea to go for a library feel, rather than “traditional” e-commerce. We’ve removed all distractions and presented users with a catalogue and an easy way to add products to the cart.

Familiar audience

Our other e-commerce projects with the client gave us a good foundation for that decision. Customers often cited those “distractions” as a reason they didn’t, or forgot to, convert.

Toned-down look

We’ve opted for calm colours and a natural experience. The toned-down design complemented by pastel accents was well-received. It’s a perfect representation of what Transport Treasury is and how they want to be perceived by the visitors.


Capitalising on search intent

18% click-through rate

The new website maintains an 18% click-through rate in Google search results over a 6 month period. This is the equivalent of ranking in the third position in Google. Transport Treasury has observed a 3x spike in CTR when we launched the new site.


Superb performance

2.0s Speed Index

Our target audience meant we couldn’t compromise on the performance. Mouthwatering effects would’ve been detrimental to the conversion rate.

We ensured the site was as lightweight and as fast as possible – even with the massive catalogue of products. This helped our target audience, as they usually use a below-average Internet connection.

The SEO and UX benefits

The impeccable performance gave us a significant boost across the board. It’s an important metric for SEO ranking, but also for the user experience. The website as a whole has a bounce rate of just 31% across a 6-month period.

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