Research & Strategy

If your goal is to convert more visitors into paid customers, this is where you should start.

Websites are being challenged to do more. Appeal to more buyers. Convert more prospects. Simplify more complex tasks. Utilise more technology. Incarnate more rapidly changing marketing and sales landscapes.

With the average lifespan of a website of 2.5 years, the real questions are:

  • Is your website built for what’s next?
  • Is it aligned with your business objectives?
  • Does it support or cripple your marketing efforts?


  • Read detailed descriptions of every project that we helped with.
  • Adapt our techniques and findings to your business and profit from it.
  • Understand why our approach has been such a success for many companies.

How We Do It

It is the first step in any successful web project. This phase provides us with invaluable insight into your business and helps us to make key and informed decisions about your website. It often consists of workshops where we ask you as many questions as possible, and then we ask even more. As a result, we end up with a solid roadmap to your goals, which enables us to deliver on expectations.


To sell, you need to know who you sell to.

We work with your marketing team to create ideal customer profiles, which become the pillar for future decision-making. In cases where our clients know their buyers very well, we go over their findings together and verify their relevance to search for missed opportunities.


Unlike in the real world, your company does not get a second chance.

When a user lands on your website and can’t find their way around, they leave and never come back. To avoid disappointment, we start with recognising possible entry points and intentions behind users visits. Then we move onto designing a website which eliminates confusion and inspires to take desired actions.


Data is powerful but only when understood.

We analyse your website’s traffic to asses the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. We look into audience, acquisition and behaviour to establish patterns and preferences. Then, our web strategy experts consult on ways to optimize your site, converting visitors into customers. The key to smart marketing involves making regular updates and decisions based on metrics, not assumptions.


Full-blown diagnostic of your funnel.

A broken lead-nurturing funnel drives lost opportunities and revenue. Having a website which guides prospects from the entry point across the line is imperative. To achieve that, we identify your current traffic-generating channels and create a bespoke funnel, which engages potential customers with your brand.


Content is central to your website SEO plan and design.

It is the greatest marketing tool that brings real value to your business. Assuring people find exactly what they are looking for is the key. Our team works around the clock to create your content around strategically chosen keyphrases to appear in more searches and reach more people.


Your site is your first impression.

Your website should be aligned with every aspect of your business. As your partners, we make sure we know what your organisation wants to achieve. We assess your website performance in goals, design, analytics, content and technology. Then, we recommend improvements based on the findings.

Here’s What You Should Do Next

If you’d like us to work on your website to increase your profits, please get in touch. No matter where you are in the world.

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