We realise every website requires a different care plan, so upon understanding your support requirements we are able to offer a web maintenance plan to suit your needs. This approach is highly appreciated among our clients.

We attached a list of the most valued benefits which we recommend in every package.


We cannot emphasise enough on the importance of the security aspect of a website. Our web maintenance plans focus on protecting your website from unwanted hands while giving your visitors a safe and trust-building experience.


A badly configured web server is usually at the root of all performance issues. If your website is based on WordPress CMS, in almost all cases, we recommend migrating your website to our best-in-class hosting as the first step. It comes with enterprise-like features which ensure the highest level of security and stability.


We run regular diagnostics to ensure the supreme performance around the clock. Our mission is to provide your business and your website visitors with the load time which can become a boon to your sales funnel and marketing strategy.


We are experts in behavioural data analysis, which we study with the aim of increasing the conversion rates. As part of our web maintenance plan, we closely monitor how your visitors browse your website to recommend changes, which will improve an overall user experience and help you achieve marketing goals.


We go above and beyond for our clients and we stand by ready for any eventuality and misfortune. We provide your website with daily backups, which enables us to restore it online in no time.


We understand the value and the role that your website plays in your business. We employ fast uptime monitoring systems, which alert us about any faults and issues as soon as they happen. Our web developers are experts in diagnosing problems and fixing them as quickly as possible.

We will be thrilled to hear more about your web maintenance needs whenever you are ready.

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