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Practical Marketing Tips & Tools for Websites

If you’re familiar with the Web Design Fundamentals, this section will give you actionable tips on how to make your website better. You’ll learn how to benchmark and improve specific parts of websites, which tools to use, and more. We’ll also explore more advanced concepts and definitions that bring value to online businesses.

More than meets the eye – optimising images on a website

Large images slow down your website. That’s the intuitive part, but there are several unexpected factors of website assets that affect your bottom line. Learn how to properly size images, where to compress them without losing quality, and more.

Website Navigation – Everything You Need to Know

How many items should be in your navigation bar? Does a footer help with SEO? We’ve answered these, and many more questions in our knowledge hub for website navigation. Learn how to improve the discoverability of pages on your website, give users a better experience and help search engines crawl your site effectively.

The Latest Web Design Trends

We don’t have a crystal ball. That’s why you won’t find “the next big thing here”. Those rarely come to fruition anyway. Instead, we have a scientific approach to web design trends. We diligently investigate the pros and cons of the new shiny toys and bring you a concise summary that everyone can understand. Staying on top of things is also a great source of inspiration – even if you don’t jump on the bandwagon you might get closer to your personal breakthrough.