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Web design fundamentals

Web Design Basics for Beginners & Businesses

What is web design? Is there a difference between user experience and usability? We’ve gathered the knowledge from years of experience of our team and other experts in one, easily accessible place. Whether you’re preparing to get a new website, optimising your existing one, or starting to learn web design, this part of our Web Design Zone covers all of the basics.

Who is this for?

Business owners




Anyone with interest in Web Design

What is web design?

There’s more to web design than meets the eye. It’s a multidisciplinary role, which encompasses a number of specialisations – from web graphic design, all the way to user experience design. Learn how they all neatly work together to bring you the visual, front-end layer of your website.

Definition of User Experience

User experience (UX) is all about delivering worthwhile interactions to people. As defined by the leading UX researchers, Nielsen Norman Group, it includes all aspects of the interaction between users and a company. This sparks an interesting conversation, as user experience transcends your website.

Did you know…

User experience applies to both the digital and the real world

When it comes to websites, UX is often assumed to be a web designer’s craft. In fact, user experience has a lot of influences. From your visibility in search engines, through your product and website, all the way to the post-purchase experience.

The most important parts of a website

Websites are complex creatures. It’s somewhat easy to name several key components, like the navigation bar, a heading, or the footer. But it’s not always obvious how these elements impact your bottom line. The footer guides users through your site, but do you know how it influences SEO? Or maybe you’ve heard about PNG being a “web format” but you’re not sure what it means? Clarifying that can quickly improve the performance of your website.

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Are you ready to take the next step? Building on the fundamentals, we’ve created a section of practical web design tips and tools. The ever-growing knowledge base includes tips on website navigation, a guide to using images in WordPress, an introduction to Design Sprint, and more.