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Visual Continuity

Your single source of truth for all web design decisions

We help you drive website goals with satisfactory user experience, efficient content creation, and improved team collaboration.

Poor user experience is a harsh reality

It tarnishes your brand’s image, increases maintenance costs, and hampers employee efficiency.

Studies show that a staggering 88% of online consumers won’t come back to a website after a bad experience.

What’s more, a whopping 94% of negative website feedback stems from design issues.

Investing in Visual Continuity is critical

Our service and proven processes can support your organisation on that journey.

We’ll evaluate your current situation, create a roadmap with priorities, and execute on it with the in-house team. Our Visual Continuity service helps you quickly achieve the best user experience configuration. All of that, with the future in mind.

Businesses who see their website as their best marketing tool most appreciate this service

If you lack internal resources, website expertise, or design direction, please reach out to us for more information.

Visual Continuity is about how your website feels

It’s a service that takes care of every step in designing user experience.

It’s a cycle that starts with your team and creates the momentum for all users involved. Our team will provide you with advice and tools to improve your marketing team collaboration, speed up content publication, and streamline the design implementation. 

Improved team collaboration

Our design systems help with faster prototyping, confident decision making, and easier brand adoption. On top of that, we communicate often and make our work public to your team, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Faster content creation

Eliminate the pain that comes with inefficient content creation. Forget delays and missed KPIs. Our job is to give you a better way of revising copy, creating brand assets, and landing page templates. We’ll equip your WordPress website with components designed just for you.

Optimal user experience

Everything should be subject to this. The final quality of user experience goes back to the first brainstorming session. From deciding on call-to-actions to mapping user journeys and optimising conversion forms. We’ve got you covered.

The Visual continuity service complements our other services, Digital Intelligence and Technical Mastery. The trio provides the ultimate toolkit for the marketers to run their website with confidence.

Our Visual Continuity service helps to solve the challenges that marketing teams face every day

Compromised user experience to reach short-term goals

Costly and delayed implementations due to limited resources

Inconsistent brand and product presentation

Managing marketing budget spend effectively

Incorporating current design trends into marketing visuals

Adapting marketing materials for different campaigns, products, or target audiences

Falling victim to the ‘design by committee’ process

Here’s how we help you become a more effective marketing team day by day

Of course, we realise every business is different. We’ll ask certain questions during the initial setup to adjust the roadmap for your unique situation.

These marketing leaders trust NerdCow

We noticed increased time spend on the website by user and increased conversion from users to book a demo.
Justyna, Chief of Staff at Repositive
They took the entire marketing team through the new site on Zoom and showed us how to edit it on WordPress.
Chloe, Senior Marketing Manager at Doddle Logistics
NerdCow knows what they’re doing, and they will lead you in the right direction.
Alex, Marketing Director at NFDC
NerdCow’s services have so far allowed our platforms to secure a lead generation rate that’s twice higher than usual.
Luciana, Director of Marketing at Courier Exchange

In any engagement for our Visual Continuity service, we aim to develop a tailored approach that best fits your organisation’s needs.

Our goals in doing so include:

Streamlined the design and implementation
Consistent and coherent visual experience for your users
Efficient collaboration between your team members
Responsive reaction to market trends and changes

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See how Visual Continuity helped other clients

We have an extensive experience in working with B2B SaaS and tech companies across the UK and Europe. Learn more about our capabilities by reading the two case studies below.

The fast-growing UK’s courier exchange platform faced the challenge of showcasing value of their products. They asked NerdCow to review their website’s marketing performance and make changes to boost conversion rates.

We helped a tech startup to create a better website experience for their high-value prospects. We identified multiple challenges that stopped their team from engaging with the target audience. One of them being an ineffective user journey.

Let us help you navigate the website landscape using our 8 years of experience

Leveraging a business website for marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. Our team brings experience, tools, and partnerships to make it less daunting for your team from the day one. Starting is simple. Book a 30-minute call to better understand your current situation and how we can help you. We can get started within 1 week of the initial chat.