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How Much Should You Bid on Google Ads?

There’s a fine line between profitable and break-even advertising. The cost per click (or CPC) of your ads will influence your ROI and determine whether your campaigns fit within the marketing budget. Our free calculator lets you make a data-driven decision about your Google Ads spend.



The average conversion rate for a landing page is 2.35%. If you want to get ahead of your competition and be in the top 25% of landing pages that convert at over 5.31%, learn more about Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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How much revenue will a single conversion generate on average? This value will vary for most businesses so make sure to re-visit the calculations frequently. If you’re not an eCommerce website, discover how to calculate conversion value in the services industry.

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Your Google Ads ROI (return on investment)

Our suggested CPC gives you a 42.86% return on investment.

Please note that your actual bids depend on multiple factors, such as:

  • keyword CPC
  • competitiveness
  • target ROI

If you can reach the #1 for your keyword at £20 per click and the optimal calculation returned £25, you’ll want to use the lower value for your bids. This will in turn also increase your ROI.

Similarly, if your current bid doesn’t guarantee the top spot under that keyword and the optimal value is higher, you should consider bringing your CPC up a notch. It would still be profitable and your ads will get more visibility.

The average cost per click for every industry

The average cost per click for every industry Source