Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team of experienced web developers provides flawless web development services for WordPress in London. We offer lifetime support and warranty on our top-notch services. Nerd Cow believes in establishing a trustworthy, and long-lasting relationship with our clients. Lifetime support and warranty is one way of showing our dedication.

Our support includes:

  • Patching up any glitches found in the code after release
  • Providing a user manual about using the system appropriately
  • Training you and your team to utilise the features of the new website
  • Monitoring your website’s health and stability 24/7
  • Prioritising your enquiries and requests
  • Protect your investment and let us maintain your website on a monthly basis
  • Any custom requirements on top of that

Protect your investment

Building a WordPress website is a major task that requires professional insight and expertise. However, it doesn’t end there! In order to prevent any unfortunate incidents that can result in your website becoming unresponsive. We have a team of specialists responsible for ensuring smooth operations of your website 24/7. Our maintenance plans help you to protect your investments beyond the initial release.


Your WordPress data will be backed up daily. We handle the restoration of your website in case of a cyber-attack.


Keeping your files safe and secure from any malicious attacks by having your code checked on regular basis.


One way to prevent a disaster is to maintain the latest version of WordPress and plugins. We will take care of it for you.


This is your chance to get added development services to your maintenance plan easily.


You have our word that we will stay prompt to your request and keep any development done in-house. Our hard work and perseverance is the reason behind our loyal clientele.


We will monitor your website 24/7/365 for any downtime and act accordingly to bring it back online.

It all starts with a simple