Performance & Security

Some businesses need to stay online 24/7, if your business falls into this category then the next question that comes to mind is how to make the website safe and secure from cyber-attacks. Imagine if your e-store becomes unresponsive and stops customers from placing orders, this isn’t the most ideal situation for your business! That’s why we introduced WordPress security measures that comes highly recommended to every client by our experienced programmers and web developers.

Security audits and clean-ups

Security begins with you and your business’s website. If you fail to update your WordPress website once a month, it could put you on a potential data breach risk and other cyber-attacks. Our team can run a thorough audit of your website files and database to ensure that highest security measures are in place to protect your website.

Best-in-class web hosting

After we fortify your website’s files and database, it is time to think about the hosting service. We will migrate your website free of charge to the best-in-class hosting platform for WordPress that automatically closes all loopholes and vulnerabilities your database might be exposed to.

Instant performance boost

Thanks to our hosting servers, which are WordPress-tuned, your website automatically gets a speed boost. We also provide complementary Content Delivery Network and SSL certificate to top it all off.

It all starts with a simple