Performance & Security

You can’t put security and performance at the end of the process. It’s something you have to account for as you go along. We verify every line of code so it is as secure and performant as possible.

How we do it.

If your business heavily relies on staying online, you will understand the importance of the topic. Imagine if your e-shop becomes unreachable and stops customers from placing orders. Not nice, isn’t? That’s why we introduced WordPress security measures which we recommend to anyone who recognises the value in website uptime.

Security Audits and Clean-ups

It all starts with you and your website. If you don’t keep your WordPress updated on an at least monthly basis, you expose yourself to potential attacks. Our team can run a thorough audit scan on your website files and database to make sure it is safe and sound.

Fort Knox like hosting

After we fortify your website files and database, it is time to think about the hosting environment. We will migrate your website free of charge to the best-in-class hosting platform for WordPress which automatically closes all loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Instant performance boost

Thanks to our hosting servers, which are WordPress-tuned, your website automatically gets a boost in speed. We also provide complementary Content Delivery Network and SSL certificate to top it all off.


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