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Maintenance Features

WordPress, plugins and theme updates

There is much more to running a website than launching it. It's about it's whole life-cycle. It's essential your website is up-to-date, therefore every maintenance plan includes WordPress, plugins and theme updates.


Security monitoring

As important as updates is the security of your website. For this reason, all maintenance plans include subscription to Sucuri - the most reliable and powerful way to protect your website from unwanted events. Our 24/7 security monitoring ensures your website is safe and sound at all times. If anything happens, your website will be automatically fixed in no time.


Uptime monitoring

There is always a small chance your hosting will go astray. When it happens, you need to know about this to resolve issue as soon as possible. Our uptime monitoring service secretly checks at 5 minutes interval if your website is accessible to users. If not, we will be sent an alert e-mail asking us to undertake actions.


Cloud Backups

There is no need to explain how important data backups are. You don't want to lose your family photo collections, essential business documents or e-mails... Same applies to your website. Can your business afford to have your website taken down for some time? Our safe offsite cloud backups make copy of all your website files and database on daily basis to let you be prepared when unexpected happens at all times.


Hosting Migration

If you think your website could work faster or if you are simply unhappy with your current hosting provider, we will do our best to find the most suitable one for your website. We work very closely with WPEngine - the finest WordPress focused hosting available. With us, your website gets the performance it deserves.


Staging Area

You should never do changes directly to your live website before testing them properly elsewhere. We offer an easy-to-setup development version of your public website, which acts independently. This allows you to experiment with new functionalities without breaking your live instance!


Developer's Loyalty

Our developers love our clients and WordPress! They will always be there for you to lend you an expert hand from start to finish.

Custom Development

Our maintenance plan can include any changes to your website - beginning from changing a copy ending on major overhaul of functionality. Just ask!

Help from Experts

We devote majority of our time to stay on top with WordPress news and to be a part of WordPress community. We do know what we are doing!


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