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Digital intelligence

Measure, adapt, and create using accurate website intel

We help you tidy up analytics, define metrics, test ideas, and invest in resources that make the most impact on your business. You’ll always know your next best move.

How do you know that the latest website change was worth it? Should you have done something else instead?

Every decision has opportunity cost associated with it.

Marketers look at data to get clarity. But what if that data can’t always be trusted? Marketers report that their analytics infrastructure doesn’t track the right metrics. That makes reporting to stakeholders and budgeting difficult.

Generating leads, increasing website traffic, and proving marketing’s ROI are voted the top 3 challenges in the B2B marketing teams. Our Digital Intelligence service helps you to do all of those with confidence. From setting up the infrastructure, to monitoring, measuring value and user testing. We’ll make sure you never doubt your data again.

User tests

Our team has experience in facilitating various user tests online and offline. From a simple card sorting exercise to a 60-minute moderated interview. We rely on them to better understand how your target audience thinks. 

Analytics audit and monitoring

We’ll make an assessment of your current setup and create a plan for making it work for you. Our team is comfortable working with all of major analytics platforms. Plus, we’ll monitor the traffic for clues that help us with our agreed roadmap.

User journey mapping

Helping multiple audiences find their way around a single website is tricky. That’s why our service focuses on solving exactly that challenge. We want to get people to the information they need as soon as possible – for everyone’s benefit.


We offer design and marketing workshops that end with user feedback. They help with aligning stakeholders and testing ideas with the market. Clients appreciate that the findings from such collaboration extend beyond what’s being discussed.

Content guidance

Our team will provide you with insight into content direction for the optimal results. Publishing valuable information is hard work. So, it’s important to spend limited resources on the kinds of content which will bring your team closer to the goal.

Digital Intelligence reduces the uncertainty and the risk around website investments

Without NerdCow

Low conversion rates

Low volume of website traffic

Unproven marketing’s ROI

Inaccurate data for decisions

No resources for user testing

High investment uncertainty

With NerdCow

Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Clearly define metrics that align with goals.

Build user funnels that work for your audience

Set up your analytics in an easy-to-understand way

Give you data that can be trusted for making important decisions.

Estimate accurate deliverables and timeframes

Help you prove the marketing’s ROI

Plan and execute tests

Monitor traffic for trends and opportunities.

Build and present reports for internal stakeholders

Build user funnels that work for your audience

Guide you in the content production

Our user research led us to all sorts of conclusions

Learn what we found below

How to improve website navigation with testing and analytics?

 Learn about 5 best practices for website navigation.

How do web consultants reduce risk for all stakeholders? 

Read what the 35% of UK companies who hired a consultant said about the experience.

4 website heatmaps examples to generate more leads

We analysed 26,228 visits to 8 landing pages. These are the results.

Learn how our clients rely on Digital Intelligence to make better website investments

Both case studies illustrate how we helped our B2B clients to achieve their goals on time.

The fast-growing UK’s courier exchange platform faced the challenge of showcasing value of their products. They asked NerdCow to review their website’s marketing performance and make changes to boost conversion rates.

We helped a tech startup to create a better website experience for their high-value prospects. We identified multiple challenges that stopped their team from engaging with the target audience. One of them being an ineffective user journey.

Digital Intelligence is a critical part of our service offering

It’s a drive behind every design and development decision. Together with Visual Continuity and Technical Mastery, we’ll move your website in the right direction. Book a 30-minute call with us to learn how it can benefit your business.