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When WordPress isn't just good enough...

The Struggle

Due to an increasing volume of products available on the website, WordPress' database had grown to an unmanageable size directly impacting user experience and website performance. This led to abandoned transactions, negative feedback and drops in sales. Common problems included 5-7s website loading time, very slow search (even up to 2 minutes to see results) and stock issues due to unreliable stock management.

With plans to triple the stock in next few years (up to around 100,000 items), the client asked Nerd Cow to come up with a better solution.

The Solution

We've replaced WordPress with a purpose built, a free platform called OpenCart. Thanks to its flexibility, we could customise it to meet the requirements.

  • Custom database queries

    All database queries have been rewritten and optimised to return results 2x faster.

  • Trimmed down functionality

    Sticking only to the essential functionality helped to reduce the load on server by half.

  • Light-weight design

    Simple and light-weight design, which doesn't slow down the website and provides excellent user experience.

  • Tuned hosting platform

    Tailored server configuration delivered the performance the site needed.

The Results

  • Future-proof build

    The platform was tested to handle 100,000. The results didn't indicate any impact on performance.

  • Instant search

    Custom search module has improved searching speed by 120% and gives users the results instantly.

  • Stock management restored

    By eliminating performance issues, the client can easily keep control of his stock.

  • 50%

    less site exits

  • 130%

    more completed transactions

  • 100%

    return on investement


What client says...

All teething troubles with the site were resolved with the minimum of fuss. We are very proud of our new website and have no hesitation in recommending Nerd Cow for anyone else’s website projects.



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