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Good Work is a non-profit creative agency, which provides support to those willing to be heard. Using their irreplacable resources they are able to attract people from around the World to cover clients' campaigns and make sure that that coverage reaches the audiences they need to reach.

Nerd Cow approached with a suggestion to improve reliability and responsivness of their existing website to increase trustworthness of the brand in visitors' eyes and expand the reach towards mobile users.

Discovered problems

Here are the key problems discovered during a thorough investigation:

  1. failed to pass the Google mobile-friendliness test
  2. videos and images not accommodating smaller screen sizes (sticking out of the screen edge)
  3. media not compressed to decrease website loading time and data usage
  4. missing favicon
  5. hosting not performing very well putting users off the website
  6. spacing across the site not equal and font sizes varying too much

Before freshening up

goodwork-beforeClick to enlarge image


After freshening up

goodwork-afterClick to enlarge image


Carried out works

Nerd Cow applied fixes to all aforementioned issues and have also provided hosting for the site resulting in performance boost. Good Work has been very happy with made changes and noticed significant improvement on many levels. Please find a few screenshots below to evaluate our implementation of the responsivness aspect to the site.

goodwork-screensClick to enlarge image
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