PropSync Website Design and WordPress Build
Speedy Logistics has approached Nerd Cow to deliver a bespoke solution that will automate the process of handling orders within their business. Until now, customers would have only been able to order a courier by phoning the company up, which is known to be troublesome.

speedy-widgetUnderstanding the problem and planning ahead

Constant calls take up precious time in everyone's busy schedule. Especially when those calls do not lead to sales. Therefore the goal of this venture became very clear from the beginning - provide an online and hassle-free solution to website visitors allowing them to get a quote for the provision of the service and ideally let them place an order via the website.

The widget

Existing website is built upon the most popular platform named WordPress (we are WordPress experts). Thanks to the flexibility of this system we were able to come up with an idea of widget.

Widget is a self-contained piece of functionality, which serves a sole purpose itself adding extra features to the website.

speedy-screensClick to enlarge image WordPress widgets can be easily customised and replicated around the site allowing for an extra bit of control. We designed a widget, which on submission validates inserted values and provides the user a price with a booking form should he want to order a courier.

The Booking Page

When user completes the initial widget form and submits it, he gets redirected to the booking page, where he is encouraged to fill in the booking form and complete an order. We also added a list of features of service, which have been selected by a user. postcodeClick to enlarge image


Nerd Cow has integrated a payment gateway provided by SagePay. For users convenience we requested SagePay to allow payees run a payment via various methods: credit cards, debit cards and paypal; making the process very user-friendly and available to everyone.

Each transaction (whether successful or not) becomes a new and retrievable record in database with assigned unique reference number. If the transaction has been positive, the requested job gets submitted to a third party job handler pointed by our client.

The next phase has been scheduled for Q1 2015 in which Nerd Cow will be providing administration interface allowing more control over each order.

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