Website maintenance aspects

While it’s obvious you should update the content, the underlying technical problems caused by the lack of maintenance are not as apparent.

The former is manageable with ease by yourself or your editors. A good website will have a content management system, allowing you to take care of that yourself. You can learn more about CMS and other important features of a website in our post on 8 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs Right Now.

Technical maintenance is more sensitive. Neglecting it can lead to very costly issues – website outages, decrease in conversion rates or even personal data breaches.

How to avoid that?

Backup your website

If nobody maintains your site while you hire multiple editors that put out daily content, you’re tempting the fate. In the best-case scenario, your automatic backup happens every fortnight. If someone hacks your website, you paid for two weeks of content and lost it.

Having backups set up isn’t sufficient. Like everything, the backup might fail and produce a corrupted file. You have to ensure the data is retrievable as part of your website maintenance routine.

Update WordPress plugins

You have a few WordPress plugins on your site. They’re awesome, right? Most of the time they’re easy to add and use, but they still need regular updates.

These updates offer new functionality or bug fixes, but every now and then they’re focused on improving security. A recent WooCommerce update patched a security vulnerability. Our clients had the plugin updated by us right away.

Test and add features

While updates usually go seamlessly, they can break parts of your site. Test after every change, whether it’s a bug fix, a security update or a new feature.

One thing that often gets omitted is browser compatibility. Updates to your site and browsers alike might cause unwanted behaviour. Make sure your website is following the newest standards.

Browser market share by StatCounter
Worldwide browser market share, September 2018.

Maintain your website!

It’s fundamental for your site. You want it to be a well-oiled machine. Long loading times, unexpected outages or functionality that’s broken on a new version of Chrome will make your visitors leave.

Fixing a website after overlooking its maintenance exponentially increases the cost.

Secure your website with top-notch maintenance

At NerdCow not only you get a website that meets your needs, but we also make sure it’s maintained and serves you well. If your WordPress site is lacking maintenance, contact us and we will get it going in the right direction again.

Originally published Sep 13, 2018 10:00:03 AM, updated January 12 2022.

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