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The internet is saturated with poorly designed websites that don’t hit the spot in terms of design, content and function. Read on to learn about 5 of the best practices for a modern website.

Loading time

People have never liked to be kept waiting, and the modern web user has no patience for websites that are slow to load. It’s important to ensure that your website loads quickly on every type of device, or visitors will be pushing the back button and never giving you a second look. There are many issues that can slow website load times, and they need to be addressed.

Mobile first design

People can do so much from their phones nowadays, including hailing a cab or ordering a delivery that can come to you on the same day. People use their phones for just about everything, and visiting your website is certain to be one of them. It is therefore essential that your website looks awesome on mobile devices, and that it will work properly no matter where people visit from.


It is important to have tracking enabled on your website, for the purpose of quality analytics. This can help you to determine how effective your website is, and identify areas for improvement as well as areas that are having the biggest impact.

Privacy policies

Having up-to-date privacy and service documentation is crucial. Make sure you are completely transparent about this, offering all the information readily and informing your customers when anything gets updated.


Website security is more important than ever before – you need to protect user information and administrative access to avoid the potential of a catastrophic hack. Keep all your plugins, frameworks and other software updated too!

In 2020, if your website isn’t playing a fundamental role in your marketing strategy, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. A quality web design agency can ensure your website is optimised in line with modern best practices, and ready to evolve with the market.

Don’t cut corners with your website; it is the most powerful and important tool in your marketing toolbox!

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Originally published May 10, 2018 8:58:09 AM, updated February 6 2022.

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