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WordPress shares your values

Open-source software is in line with the values of a charitable organisation. There are no ties to any company. You have full access to the code of the platform and you own your data. Transparency is a key aspect of a charity and WordPress provides just that.

Being free and open source doesn’t limit the platform either. Over 30% of websites use WordPress and it has almost 60% of the CMS market share.

A big part of that success is an incredible community built around it. WordPress represents some of the core values of charities. That makes it a perfect fit for a charity website even before we consider technological advantages.

It’s easy to use

The aforementioned community ensures that the platform is well-known. Its ease of use is second to none. The popularity of the platform means that there’s an abundance of online resources for beginners.

WordPress has regular meetups and WordCamps. These depend on your location, but they provide a free – or at the least affordable – opportunity for anyone to get to know the platform better.

Powerful WordPress plugins and integrations

WordPress offers virtually every feature imaginable – whether in its core or via plugins. There are several free plugins that can compete with their premium counterparts. This makes the platform highly customisable for any type of website.

Give - a donation plugin for WordPress charity website.
Give is a free plugin, most downloaded donation plugin for WordPress.

Give provides the donation functionality with no fees. The plugin offers amazing features and a high level of transparency. Similarly to WordPress, Give enables community users to contribute to the project.

Other plugins allow you to build your own community around your charity website, create contact forms, create event calendars and manage ticketing. You can run a store on your charity website, promote your newsletter and integrate the website with countless apps. WordPress offers integrations with a live chat service, Google Docs, CRMs (customer relationship management systems), social media and many, many more.

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The platform is secure

The platform wouldn’t be as popular as it is now if it wasn’t secure. Global brands – such as Time, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company – trust the CMS and there is no reason you shouldn’t. With that being said, you need to be aware of how to keep WordPress secure.

Keeping the WordPress core and your plugins up to date is crucial. Similarly, the host of your website matters. We are working with best-in-class partners to meet our high standards of security.

In addition, the outstanding community built around WordPress helps keep the platform safe.

Would you choose WordPress for your charity?

In conclusion, WordPress is perfect for a nonprofit organisation. It offers all the functionalities to meet the bespoke requirements of a charity website. A WordPress site for a charity executed by an experienced web agency and paired with best-in-class hosting will give your visitors a flawless experience.

A well-crafted WordPress charity website will open up new opportunities to drive donations, build a strong community around it and help educate your visitors.

Originally published Jan 17, 2019 9:07:39 AM, updated June 7 2022.

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