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6 Inevitable Web Design Trends

You can’t know the future. Yet, we will do our best to guess what awaits in the world of web design. We have seen more bravery and attempts to cut through the noise. There is no doubt that some of those will stay with us forever. We also remain certain that web designers have other innovative ideas up their sleeves waiting for the right time.

Website Accessibility Principles for Editors

With the ever-advancing technology, we now have more accessibility tools at our disposal than ever. People struggling with different types of sensory impairments can effectively browse websites, under one condition – the site has to be accessible. Unfortunately, the majority of the Internet is not friendly to the disabled.

Top 3 Completely Free Video Libraries for Your Website

To no surprise comes a fact that a video footage can stretch your website build budget. Delegating the task to a professional video crew can take a huge slice of a pie, yet stock video libraries don’t always offer a great value for money.

Top 4 Completely Free Image Libraries For Your Website

The good old plain text aligns with visitors on the emotional level and encourages them to consume more content. While it has been working great in books and newspapers, websites can benefit from additional visual aids such as images, videos or icons to appeal to readers and retain them for longer.