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Reasons to use WordPress for a charity website

4 Reasons To Use WordPress For a Charity Website

WordPress shares your values Open source software is in line with the values of a charitable organisation. There are no ties to any company. You have full access to the code of the platform and you own your data. Transparency is a key aspect for a charity and WordPress provides just that. Being free and […]


Essential WordPress Plugins We Use for Every Website Build

Yoast SEO Search engine optimisation is crucial for the success of every business website. With over 5 million active installations, Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows your team to cover the basics of SEO to maintain the visibility of your business in search engines. The free version helps you to […]


Interactive Website of the Future: Chrome AR

What’s even more exciting, quoting Google themselves, the entire Chrome AR experience is “just the web”. You don’t need a special browser, additional Chrome extensions or apps. Once the testing period ends, the only thing you’ll need will be a mobile device with a supported version of Android. Isn’t that amazing? Before we showcase the possibilities […]

Web Agency vs Marketing Agency

Why You Should Choose a Web Agency over a Marketing Agency

There’s an abundance of companies that offer web design & development services. It‘s easy to get lost in the jungle of web agencies, marketing agencies or even simple drag-and-drop tools with a low monthly fee. Which one do you choose? What should you look for in your future website maker? You shouldn’t use website creators […]


How To Run An Eco-Friendly And Waste-Free Website – Infographic

Waste-free lifestyle is on the rise in every aspect of life. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and make decisions based on their impact on the planet. Even though it’s not obvious at first, running a website might have a negative impact on the environment. Eco-friendly website – infographic We’ve prepared an infographic about the impact […]


How to Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster

Most people you know own a mobile device and use it to browse the Internet. The majority probably still use a computer, but on average they spend twice as much time when browsing on their phone and tablet. Amazon calculated that a single second of a slowdown in the loading time of their website could […]


Why Website Maintenance Is Essential

Website maintenance aspects While it’s obvious you should update the content, the underlying technical problems caused by the lack of maintenance are not as apparent. The former is manageable with ease by yourself or your editors. A good website will have a content management system, allowing you to take care of that yourself. You can learn […]


How Your Website Can Better Your Business

At Nerd Cow, we make websites that really work for businesses. We know that this is a platform that can have so many benefits when it’s done correctly. Let us show you just how your website can better your business. First impressions They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the reality […]


Website Best Practices For The Modern Era

The internet is saturated with poorly designed websites that don’t hit the spot in terms of design, content and function. Read on to learn about 5 of the best practices for a modern website. Loading time People have never liked to be kept waiting, and the modern web user has no patience for websites that […]


8 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs Right Now

We strive to challenge web industry standards with all completed projects, yet we never forget about the essential blueprint. There are too many agencies and freelancers who win new clients over with affordable prices and quick turnaround. While the offer might sound attractive, there’s always the second side to the coin. They fulfil both promises […]