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Reasons to use WordPress for a charity website

4 Reasons To Use WordPress For a Charity Website

WordPress shares your values Open source software is in line with the values of a charitable organisation. There are no ties to any company. You have full access to the code of the platform and you own your data. Transparency is a key aspect for a charity and WordPress provides just that. Being free and […]

WordPress Website Templates

Why You Should Avoid WordPress Website Templates

The design is the first thing your visitors judge when they come across your website. User experience comes in second place. If you take a closer look at WordPress business templates, they cripple in both areas. They’re simply not good enough. Where do WordPress website templates fall short? So what is it about pre-made themes that […]

Free Video Libraries

Top 3 Completely Free Video Libraries for Your Website

There is no shadow of a doubt that carefully selected videos can liven up your website. In fact, some report that a video in a pop-up boosted their conversion rate by 100%. We crawled the Web in search for video libraries that provide at least the same quality footage entirely for free. They might not […]

Disney Website Navigation

What Can We Learn From Disney’s Website Navigation

Because of the importance of navigation, getting it wrong will be destructive for the user experience on your site. The competition is just a few clicks away and your visitors will leave your website after any minor inconvenience. Website navigation is more than just the navigation bar The navigation bar is one of the most […]

Free Images For Your Website

Top 4 Completely Free Image Libraries For Your Website

When it comes to choosing media for commercial projects, you need to ensure you own necessary licensing to distribute them as a business. In most cases, you would turn your attention to paid libraries such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto and incur an additional expense. However, your hands are not as tied as you might think. […]

Web Agency vs Marketing Agency

Why You Should Choose a Web Agency over a Marketing Agency

There’s an abundance of companies that offer web design & development services. It‘s easy to get lost in the jungle of web agencies, marketing agencies or even simple drag-and-drop tools with a low monthly fee. Which one do you choose? What should you look for in your future website maker? You shouldn’t use website creators […]


The Perils of Asking for Too Much Personal Data

A possible €20,000,000 GDPR data breach penalty would be an extreme example, but you still might be losing money because of how you collect data. In our blog post about the European data protection law, we have explained what data is classified as personal. While legal issues aren’t to be taken lightly, we are not lawyers. Let’s leave them […]


The Colour and How It Affects Your Sales

In our recent blog post on how your website can better your business, we have stressed that a good first impression on an eye-catching site is crucial. Here are a few examples on how we can achieve just that using well-matched colours. Dominant colour The primary colour of your logo is defining for your brand, and […]


How Your Website Can Better Your Business

At Nerd Cow, we make websites that really work for businesses. We know that this is a platform that can have so many benefits when it’s done correctly. Let us show you just how your website can better your business. First impressions They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the reality […]


Website Best Practices For The Modern Era

The internet is saturated with poorly designed websites that don’t hit the spot in terms of design, content and function. Read on to learn about 5 of the best practices for a modern website. Loading time People have never liked to be kept waiting, and the modern web user has no patience for websites that […]