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6 Inevitable Web Design Trends In 2020

You can’t know the future. Yet, we will do our best to guess what awaits in the world of web design in 2020. Last year has brought in some amazing trends. We have seen more bravery and attempts to cut through the noise. We have no doubts some of those will carry through to the new year. We also remain certain that web designers have other innovative ideas up their sleeves waiting for the right time.

Our Agile-esque Approach To Web Design & Development

Our Interpretation of the Agile Method in Delivering Web Design & Development Projects

We like to think we are a progressive company. Apart from testing the shiny things, we cherish questioning our habits and reviewing our processes for the sake of improvement. Having delivered hundreds of projects in the past few years, it has given us many opportunities to learn from mistakes and provide a more satisfying experience to our clients. This article takes you through one of those conclusions, which changed everything for the better.


Simplicity as a Core Value Of a Great Customer Experience

Is your business serving users what they need, when they need it, in the most straightforward and transparent way possible? Regardless of your answer, the topic discussed in the article will convince everyone how important simplicity is and how to achieve outstanding results thanks to the right approach. Find out how big brands win over customers.


Why Popups Are Ruining the User Experience

Actually, let’s reiterate the first sentence of this article. People don’t hate popups – they hate how popups are executed. Most of them interrupt the user journey, appear at the wrong time and distract the visitors. Third-party services have made it incredibly easy to create a popup, which led to more and more inexperienced people […]


What Is a Wireframe and Why Are They Crucial for Web Design

Wireframes are a crucial part of any efficient website design process. However, most clients are confused about them. They think wireframing will be hard to understand and they’d rather fast forward to designs. In this article, we will shed more light on the purpose of wireframing, how to read them, why wireframes are required before designing, and why not using them can inflate the cost of the project.


How Landing Pages Support Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing opened up an abundance of possibilities for businesses to reach their goals – from social media, through content creation, all the way to the search engine optimisation and paid advertising. But the online world still offers several underappreciated or simply unheard of practices that support business goals. In this article, we will show you the essentials of a highly flexible and cost-effective digital advertising tool – landing pages.

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Design and Content Optimisation Tips Based on Website Scanning Patterns

Among various website scanning patterns, the F-pattern is the most well-known. However, web designers tend to misunderstand its implications, ultimately wasting resources to conform to the pattern. We’ve compiled a quick summary of the area and an explanation of why the F-pattern is bad for your visitors and your business, together with tips on how to improve your design and content based on scanning patterns.


Are You Asking The Right Questions About Your Website?

There are many questions that every business owner and marketers should ask themselves at some points. What makes my product/service stand out from the competition? Do I have the right customers? Am I measuring the right things? These are just some of the issues that are crucial for your business. But why don’t we ask similar questions about websites? Here’s why you should treat your business site like you treat your product.