Why Building Websites Isn’t Fun

If you’ve never had an awful experience with building a website, cast the first stone. Projects are often a drag, they become a tug of war and everyone heaves a sigh of relief when they are done. This is probably the shortest and most accurate description of the traditional “waterfall” approach for web design.

2020 UK Ecommerce Report

How does your ecommerce website compare to those in top 100 in the UK? People often assume the coveted spot among the leading digital retailers requires state-of-the-art solutions, robust servers, around the clock development support and the best UX specialists in the world. As you will soon learn, this is far from the truth.

We’ve Analyzed 50 Coaching Websites – Here’s How They’re Missing out on Clients

The coaching industry is booming, but the growth isn’t reflected in its digital presence. From a complete lack of branding, through technical issues, to missing convenient contact methods – here are the biggest problems you need to address right away, based on our thorough analysis of 50 coaching websites.

Agile Web Design Process – How We Build Websites in Just a Few Weeks

We always strive to innovate the web design industry. Apart from testing new shiny things, we cherish questioning our habits and reviewing our processes for the sake of improvement. Having delivered hundreds of projects in the past few years, it has given us many opportunities to learn from mistakes and provide a more satisfying experience to our clients. This article takes you through one of those conclusions, which changed everything for the better.

Are You Asking The Right Questions About Your Website?

There are many questions that every business owner and marketers should ask themselves at some points. What makes my product/service stand out from the competition? Do I have the right customers? Am I measuring the right things? These are just some of the issues that are crucial for your business. But why don’t we ask similar questions about websites? Here’s why you should treat your business site like you treat your product.

Website Trends from the First Half of 2019 (Roundup + 2 Evergreen Practices)

With almost half of 2019 behind us, we are bringing you a recap of this year’s website trends. Our roundup will help you discover the missing links of your business website. Learn how cutting edge technology is influencing websites.

The Impact of Scripts on Website Performance

Discover the third-party scripts that could be slowing down your website. Thanks to an open-source “Third Party Web” project by Patrick Hulce, a former Google Employee, we know how different scripts affect performance. The report covers popular services in a number of categories, from social features, through ads and analytics, all the way to marketing solutions.

The Role of Chatbots in Business Communication

In the modern world, instant response is the standard for online communication. Slowly but steadily, this trend has transcended personal messaging and became the norm for customers browsing business websites. Real-time chats and social media are fundamental for businesses but the direction is slowly changing towards intelligent chatbots.

What Can We Learn From Disney’s Website Navigation

Website navigation has more purposes than just being there to guide your visitors. It’s there to give us virtual ground under our feet and reveal the content of the site. A good navigation tells us how to use a website and is one of the main factors new visitors use to judge your site.

Interactive Website of the Future: Chrome AR

Static sites are a thing of the past. Your visitors desire an interactive website and Google is taking it to the next level with Chrome AR. At the moment the feature is only available in the developer build of the browser, but we already have insight into how it can revolutionise our browsing experience – especially on mobile devices.

How To Run An Eco-Friendly And Waste-Free Website – Infographic

Have you ever considered if you have an eco-friendly website? We want to bring the eco-friendly approach online – it’s long overdue.

The Perils of Asking for Too Much Personal Data

Almost every website collects personal data. It’s useful for various reasons, but you have to be wary of the drawbacks. Collecting data is not only a legal burden. Even a single mistake in your web forms can be costly if you’re not aware of it. Your visitors hate unnecessary fields. Have you ever considered that your site might be asking for too much personal data?

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