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4 Agile Estimation Techniques and Their Effect on Velocity

Agile is a very peculiar methodology. It’s scary to trust the process when you have to jump into your first project without a fixed budget. But Agile isn’t devoid of estimates, making the leap of faith much easier.

What Is Agile Release Planning?

There’s one particular principle in the Agile Manifesto that makes eyebrows rise when you hear “agile” and “planning” in the same sentence. Agile is all about continuous improvement and delivery. It values communication over documentation and tackles issues “as and when needed”. Is there a place for planning in such an environment?

What Is Technical Debt In Agile – Definition, Examples & How To Manage It

Technical debt is a metaphor for the shortcuts that we take in software development. In the same way that financial debt can be useful when it helps you to achieve your goals quicker, technical debt can make sense when it enables you to get something working quickly. These shortcuts come at the cost of increased development effort in future releases—effort that may be impossible to predict, but which can often be significant.

What is Velocity in Agile Projects: When, Where, and How Much?

In agile, velocity is a concept which refers to the amount of work that has been done during an iteration. It’s a measurement that tracks information about work completed, work started, and work remaining. Velocity is considered to be one of the most important metrics in agile. Not only does it allow you to track progress, but it also helps deliver the most value.

Writing User Stories: Definitions, Best Practices, Examples & Exceptions

What is a user story? Why write it? Who writes? What is a good example of a user story? Are there any exceptions? In this article, I focus on an in-depth analysis of writing user stories from different angles.

The Importance of Readability and What Is a Good Website Readability Score

Readability is a key challenge for every copywriter. It’s shapes the way you tell your story and gets your target audience engaged. However, not everyone is aware just how important readability is, or how to improve it. In this article, we will explore why you need to make your website easy to ready, how to achieve a good readability score, and which tools you can use to test & improve.

Cookie Law in the UK – How To Achieve Compliance

The UK cookie law is among the most strict in the world. With that said, it’s also one with some of the best guidelines on how to comply, making it easy for businesses.

The 27 Best Tools For Your Marketing Team

Behind every marketing team, there are tools that help to achieve the expected results. With the increasing number of tools that allow you to influence potential consumers, it’s worth knowing which ones will actually benefit you. We present a list of the leading tools that will allow your company to spread its wings!

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

WordPress owes a lot of its popularity to plugins. Being able to expand the functionality of your website with a single click is convenient and efficient. The features range from simple quality of life improvements to advanced ecommerce solutions. But the convenience comes at a price. Using too many WordPress plugins can lead you down the rabbit hole.

What is Headless WordPress?

The word ‘headless’ is gaining popularity in the industry. High-performance results and great scalability tempt everyone – however, is it enough to give up on solutions that work? Headless Wordpress is an outstanding tool but comes with great responsibility.

Adobe Experience Manager vs WordPress: Which Is Better For Your Business?

WordPress has taken over the Internet. Despite that fact, there are many other content management systems that appeal to businesses. There is one that does exceptionally well – Adobe Experience Manager. It has been on the radar of many companies facing a decision about their next website. But how does it compare to WordPress?

Things to Consider When Searching for a Website Host

Even a perfectly optimised website is only as good as its hosting. However, businesses tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right website host. That’s because the differences between providers are not easy to understand. Everyone advertises as the best, the fastest, and quite often the cheapest. Here’s what we’ve learned about website hosts when choosing a best-in-class partner for our websites.

6 WordPress Plugins That Will Enhance Your Blogging (Updated For Gutenberg)

Several popular blogging plugins have become obsolete with the launch of Gutenberg. Most recommendations are now outdated. That’s why we’ve decided to come forward with a fresh list of the best WordPress blog plugins that provide simple and efficient functionality. As a bonus, we’ve included the cornerstone plugins to help you manage SEO and improve your social exposure.

WordPress Website Security Tips for Small Businesses

Website security is a key pain point for small businesses and their customers. For all its benefits and popularity, WordPress can be tricky to operate in that matter. In this article, we’ll help you understand how security plugins can be a trap and what really makes your business website secure.

Shorten Your Working Week with WordPress Automation Plugins

There is a number of tasks that could and should be automated on your website. While in real life it often means replacing a human, WordPress automation is all about making certain processes faster and more efficient. Discover which plugins will help you shorten your working week.

3 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms are one of the most versatile assets on your website. From customer services to lead generation and conversions, they enhance and automate the process of multiple activities and are one of the key parts of modern sites. Here’s our selection of the best WordPress contact form plugins.


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