What Is Website Readability and What’s a Good Readability Score?

Readability is a key challenge for every website. It’s shapes the way you tell your story and gets your target audience engaged. However, not everyone is aware just how important readability is, or how to improve it. In this article, we will explore why you need to make your website easy to ready, how to achieve a good readability score, and which tools you can use to test & improve.

Cookie Law in the UK – How To Achieve Compliance

The UK cookie law is among the most strict in the world. With that said, it’s also one with some of the best guidelines on how to comply, making it easy for businesses.

The Ultimate List of Website Tools For Your Marketing Team

Behind every marketing team, there are tools that help to achieve the expected results. With the increasing number of tools that allow you to influence potential consumers, it’s worth knowing which ones will actually benefit you. We present a list of the leading tools that will allow your company to spread its wings!

Disadvantages of Using WordPress Plugins

It’s safe to say WordPress owes a lot of its popularity to plugins. Being able to expand the functionality of your website with a single click is extremely convenient and efficient. The features range from simple quality of life improvements to advanced ecommerce solutions. But the convenience comes at a price. Careless usage of WordPress plugins has several disadvantages.

What is Headless WordPress?

The word ‘headless’ is gaining popularity in the industry. High-performance results and great scalability tempt everyone – however, is it enough to give up on solutions that work? Headless Wordpress is an outstanding tool but comes with great responsibility.

Adobe Experience Manager vs WordPress: The Business Perspective

WordPress has taken over the internet. Despite that fact, there are many other content management systems that still fight for a gasp of air. There is one that does exceptionally well – Adobe Experience Manager. It has been on the radar of many businesses facing a decision about their next website. How does it compare to WordPress?

Things to Consider When Searching for a Website Host

Even a perfectly optimised website is only as good as its hosting. However, businesses tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right website host. That’s because the differences between providers are not easy to understand. Everyone advertises as the best, the fastest, and quite often the cheapest. Here’s what we’ve learned about website hosts when choosing a best-in-class partner for our websites.

6 WordPress Plugins That Will Enhance Your Blogging (Updated For Gutenberg)

Several popular blogging plugins have become obsolete with the launch of Gutenberg. Most recommendations are now outdated. That’s why we’ve decided to come forward with a fresh list of the best WordPress blog plugins that provide simple and efficient functionality. As a bonus, we’ve included the cornerstone plugins to help you manage SEO and improve your social exposure.

WordPress Website Security Tips for Small Businesses

Website security is a key pain point for small businesses and their customers. For all its benefits and popularity, WordPress can be tricky to operate in that matter. In this article, we’ll help you understand how security plugins can be a trap and what really makes your business website secure.

Shorten Your Working Week with WordPress Automation Plugins

There is a number of tasks that could and should be automated on your website. While in real life it often means replacing a human, WordPress automation is all about making certain processes faster and more efficient. Discover which plugins will help you shorten your working week.

3 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms are one of the most versatile assets on your website. From customer services to lead generation and conversions, they enhance and automate the process of multiple activities and are one of the key parts of modern sites. Here’s our selection of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

What Are the Benefits of an SSL Certificate?

Security is a well-known benefit of an SSL certificate but it doesn’t end there. We’re here to help you discover the less known advantages of using HTTPS over HTTP, as well as warn you about certain myths.

WordPress Push Notifications for Your Visitors

Promoting the content on your business website is crucial. A meticulously crafted article is ultimately a waste of resources if not enough people notice it. You’re most likely already promoting your content through social media and email campaigns, but only a small percentage of websites take advantage of push notifications. Those that do often can’t get them right. Here’s how your business can benefit from using push notifications on your websites and how to avoid the mistakes made by others.

4 Reasons To Use WordPress For a Charity Website

The bespoke requirements of a charity website come into play even before the design phase of a website build. Choosing a web agency, website hosting and a content management system (CMS) adequately to the modest budget and specific requirements of a nonprofit organisation is crucial. We recommend choosing WordPress for a charity website. The open source platform is free, easy to use, popular and reliable. Here are all the reasons to use it for your charity website.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Streamline Your Workflow

Improving the efficiency of each step of your workflow is crucial for every type of business. WordPress keyboard shortcuts are a great way to streamline the content creation process on your website. The new editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 has an intuitive user interface, but some nested actions require multiple clicks to reach. We have prepared a collection of the most useful keyboard shortcuts and tips to make your experience even more seamless.

Essential WordPress Plugins We Use for Every Website Build

Our website builds are unique thanks to our refined strategy and analysis process. They meet the bespoke requirements of your business but even then we have a selection of essential WordPress plugins we use for most of our projects.


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