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A Summary of 2021 at NerdCow

2021 was our best year ever… again. It might sound like a cliché, but we assure you it isn’t. We grew from three people to a team of five. We’ve moved to a new bigger office, reinvented our brand, and smashed our goals just six months in. But let’s take it slow and let us tell you all about it.

We’re back to the office! Plus, five NerdCow features in the media

Our team is back to the office at a new location in the heart of Aldgate. Learn more about our first month after over a year of working from home. Plus, see our latest features in the media on a variety of topics, from eCommerce and website tips, to mental health advice.

A Summary of 2020 at NerdCow

The unprecedented events of 2020 were both a blessing and a curse for us. It was the definition of a rollercoaster. We’ve moved from remote work to the office, only to be forced back to working remotely. We grew, but we had tough spells, like everyone. Here’s the unfiltered summary of the craziness that was 2020 at NerdCow.

A Summary of 2019 at NerdCow

2019 was our best year ever. We’ve expanded our team, continued supporting the businesses of our loyal clients, connected with amazing new people and transformed multiple aspects of our web agency. As the year ends, let’s look back at NerdCow’s achievements from the past 12 months.

Join Us in Our Weekly Routine

Learning about a week in the life of a web agency can be an enlightening experience. Working on full-cycle projects means there are several crucial tasks on top of writing seemingly incomprehensible lines of code. Dive into our world of technology, creativity and self-improvement.

Meet Dawid, our new Content Strategist

Joining as our Content Strategist, Dawid will be overseeing the user experience side to our website building process. His irreplaceable talent for analysis of data intelligence, understanding of user behaviour and wordsmithing will directly improve the success of the websites we put out for our clients.

Meet Us On The Business Show 2018 in ExCel London

Learn more about our company at The Business Show 2018. Discover how we transform frustrating websites into profitable & enjoyable customer experiences.

We Have Got GDPRed. Have You?

Remember what year our beloved Facebook was invented in? That’s right, 2004. What if I told you the last update in the data privacy was made back in 1998? Feeling a little less secure all of sudden, aren’t we? Unfortunately, the reality is our personal information is currently protected by a very out-dated act released 20 years ago, which doesn’t take into account the Internet’s growth that has happened since.