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How to Improve SEO Without Creating Content

Content is the key to ranking on search engines, but an overhaul of your copy is not always the answer to your SEO problems. Today we’ll show you why SEO isn’t what you think it is. You’ll learn about the overlooked aspects of website optimisation that influence how Google rates – and ranks – your website.

Why Digital Marketing Fails – the Biggest Reason That Nobody Mentions

The list of reasons for digital marketing failure is considerable. And since we all learn through failure, as a digital marketer you probably know most of them by heart. Whether you’re looking for the reason your latest campaign didn’t deliver, trying to make the next one even better than the previous, or preemptively learning about them before your next big project – you’ve heard it all. But nine out of ten times, the most important reason is left out. That reason is your website.

How to Calculate Conversion Value for Service Industries

You can’t know how profitable your website is without using conversion value. It’s one of the key metrics for your business. Inaccurate estimates will lead to a wasted marketing budget. But if you’re in a service industry, the calculation is more complicated than using the average order value.

How to Optimise Your Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your company has to make several hard decisions during these troubling times. Some of them will have a huge impact on the digital side of your business. We have used our collective knowledge and experience to give you a comprehensive guide on how to adjust that part of your business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Writing For The Web – How To Write Website Copy That Sells

The Internet is an exceptional medium, where traditional marketing is ineffective. The Web has its own rules. Despite offline and online advertising being driven by the persuasive copy, studies show that traditional marketing strategies don’t perform when translated into the digital realm. So how to write website copy that sells? Do you need to be a wordsmith, a user experience designer, or have a degree in psychology?

Why Content Is King and the Most Likely Reason It Doesn’t Work for Your Organisation

When Bill Gates wrote “content is king” in his essay back in 1996, he was predicting the future of the Internet. In hindsight, he probably didn’t expect the phrase to become a content marketing canon for years to come. His prediction already stood the trial of time, but can it maintain its relevance?

Simplicity as a Core Value Of a Great Customer Experience

Is your business serving users what they need, when they need it, in the most straightforward and transparent way possible? Find out how big brands win over customers by following the simplicity prinicples.

How to Find Traffic Sources of a Website and What They Mean for Your Business

What if we told you that you can quickly learn about your audience from Google Analytics? All of the necessary data lies in Google’s tool – and you don’t need advanced reports to uncover it. Fear not, it’s not as hard as it seems. We’re aware that Google Analytics can be an unituitive tool. Sometimes it confuses us as well! But we truly believe it’s not reserved for web analysts. Everyone can benefit from it, and we’ll show you how to learn more about your visitors by looking at website traffic sources.

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Your Business

Digital marketing is growing by the hour. But do business owners appreciate its far-reaching implications? Digital marketing is much more than just paid advertising and generating organic traffic from SEO. It has the potential to change your business. Because it’s still fairly new, there’s not much awareness about all the risks and benefits.

How the Travel Industry Is Missing out on Digital Marketing Opportunities

Data-driven decisions increase the ROI of a business website every step of the way. As a hub of digital marketing, your website will get stale if you don’t make the most out of marketing opportunities. That is the case in the travel industry. Businesses don’t leverage modern websites to make the most out of the growing travel experiences market. Even if you’re not directly selling experiences, you can engage with potential clients weeks before they’d consider your services – and here’s how.

Common Digital Marketing Problems

Changing markets and growing customer expectations proved to be challenging for most B2B businesses. Marketing teams face several problems, some of which can be solved by optimising their digital marketing workflows. Learn how to solve the most common digital marketing problems by having the right approach to your business website.

19 WordPress SEO Tips and Questions

Creating content for a business website requires more than just excellent copywriting skills. It’s common for editors to underestimate SEO settings. This can negatively impact your rankings and prove to be costly for the digital marketing team. We have prepared a list of tips that will help your editors avoid the most common mistakes when publishing WordPress blog posts or new pages on your website.

How Landing Pages Support Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing opened up an abundance of possibilities for businesses to reach their goals – from social media, through content creation, all the way to the search engine optimisation and paid advertising. But the online world still offers several underappreciated or simply unheard of practices that support business goals. In this article, we will show you the essentials of a highly flexible and cost-effective digital advertising tool – landing pages.

Irresistible Newsletter Headlines and Email Optimisation Tips

Mailing lists are still one of the best digital marketing channels. According to some sources, over 50% of email opens happen on mobile devices. They’re the first point of contact for many of your subscribers. However, adjusting email design to accommodate to smart devices is often overlooked by digital marketers. An optimal newsletter title length or even a single emoji can boost your open rates drastically. Here are our quick design tips for your email marketing campaigns.

How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Voice Search

Researches expect voice search will account for over half of search queries by 2020. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering humans can speak roughly 3 times as fast as they can type. It’s easier and faster to get the answers to our burning questions via voice search. Smart assistants are still far from their peak performance but there’s also another limitation – they need our help. In this article, we’ll show you how you can take advantage of the newest trend by optimising your content marketing strategy for voice search.

The Importance of Content-First Approach and a Content Strategy

A content-first approach is one of the key aspects of our data-driven website building process. The approach started together with a shift in the demands of Internet users. The Web has quickly evolved from a novelty to a necessity and here’s how your business – even the brick-and-mortar one – should adapt to the modern era.


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